Lockdown Part 3

Weeks 2-6

Week One

Well this was a post I really didn’t want to write. We all knew it was coming and that it needed to come, but it feels hard. It’s winter, it’s cold, and I already miss my family so much. Juggling home schooling with any work, is so tough. When you work for yourself it’s much easier to shelve work to spend time to focus on homeschooling, plus as a wedding photographer, things have been a tad quiet recently! So I acknowledge I am in a fortunate position. But I still find it hard. There is so much I want to work on during this down time, I really want to come out of this lockdown with a business that is ready to hit the ground running, I want to plan, plot and play with business ideas, I want to learn from others but also get ready for my teaching course. I could go on and on with all the things ‘I want’. But the reality of the next couple of months is that almost everything is once again on hold. My kids need my focus, they need my energy, they need my time and they come first, business second.

But I am still going to be taking photos. Since the pandemic started I have realised how much I need photography. It helps with my anxiety and keeps my creativity ticking over, these days are so long and it gives me a little bit of ‘me time’, during days that can feel so very slow.

I’m not putting any pressure on myself, these photos will look very similar to Lockdown one, and that’s ok, because it is Groundhog Day, and this collections shows that.


Hello Lucy, Hello James!

I can’t imagine being a mum to three little ones under two, but if I ever was I would like to think I would make it look as easy as my friend Claire! When I found out she was having twins I jumped at the chance to take some photos them. Lucy and James are so beautiful and seeing what a strong and amazing bond they already have was fasinating. Henry, their big brother was adorable as ever and I even managed to grab a few shots of him too.

Meet Lucy and James.

the twins @ Erica Hawkins Photography the twins2 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins3 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins4 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins5 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins6 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins7 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins8 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins9 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins10 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins11 @ Erica Hawkins Photography. the twins12 @ Erica Hawkins Photography.