Wedding Photography

Pre wedding shoot, Hitchin


On the day itself Erica was simply amazing. She immediately fitted into the party, wasn’t at all intrusive but gave enough direction to achieve what we had spoken about. It was genuinely a pleasure to have her as part of the day. The outcome… wow! Erica’s photos are simply incredible” Ruth and Nick 2023

5 reasons…

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider a documentary wedding photographer.

Authenticity Over Awkward Poses: If you love photography but dread stiff posing, documentary photography is your style. It’s all about genuine moments and real connections, not forced setups. Say goodbye to awkward smiles and hello to natural, spontaneous frames!

Beyond the Obvious:  Discover the Magic in Between. Your wedding gallery becomes uniquely yours when a documentary photographer captures the frames beyond the spotlight. From the must-haves to the hidden gems, they creatively narrate your story, shining the spotlight on what truly matters—the people!

A Gallery as Unique as Your Day: . With an artistic street photography style a documentary photography can paint your story with raw, authentic strokes. Delivering a gallery of standout photos that capture the essence of your unique wedding.

Surprises and Spontaneity: If you want to spend less time taking formal shots and more time letting the day naturally unfold, then a documentary photographer could be for you. This way you have time for the unplanned & unscripted. Who knows what will happen!”

Embracing Imperfections: Documentary photographers adore the quirks, capturing the essence of your wedding’s imperfections. Your album becomes a true reflection of the heartfelt moments that make your day yours.

Photography with Feelings – Amazing photography takes you right back to those incredible moments. A top-notch documentary photographer knows how to frame the feels, inviting you to relive them over and over!

What can I say!!! We’ve just received our full collection and we already knew Erica was an absolute genius….