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The Farmhouse at Redcoats, Wedding Photography

Weddings at Redcoats, Hitchin


“If you are looking for something a little different from the rest and unforgettable memories, The Barns are the perfect venue. Specialising in exceptional food and drink in the beautiful surrounding of the historic farmhouse and the 27 bedrooms which can accommodate all your guests.”

A bride and groom have confetti thrown over them at the Farmhouse at redcoats


The Farmhouse at Redcoats feels like a second home to me. Being a recommended supplier, I can confidently say the staff here are top-notch!

Just a short nine-minute drive from my place in Hitchin, this spot defines cool. Whether you’re gearing up for the party of a lifetime or aiming for a laid-back vibe, The Farmhouse is the go-to.

Practicality-wise, Redcoats is your one-stop venue for the entire day. They’ve got quirky prep rooms, and the staff ensures your day transitions seamlessly. And let me tell you about the food – it’s AMAZING, with the restaurant the perfect place to return to on your wedding anniversary!

Wedding Info On The FarmHouse at Redcoats


 A whole 7 minute drive from my home in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.


Everything! The barn works as a blank canvas, allowing you to style it to your own taste. I’ve shot barn weddings here in the winter and outdoor weddings in the summer and it worked with each season perfectly. In the winter the barn feel cosy and rustic, while in the summer months it breaths in the country air allowing guests to spill from the barn to the grounds. You can enjoying lawn games and get toasty round the fire pit in the evening.


The Farmhouse has some great hidden spots to sneak off to and get some fab couple photos. The back drop of the barn works well for some great textures, along with some quirky interior patterns, while the grounds have some beautiful spots reflecting the Hertfordshire countryside it sits in. The grounds aren’t too large, which I think is a bonus as it allows us to get a variety of different photos in a short space of time, which means more time for you to really enjoy your wedding day!

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Yes, with plenty of space



Premier Inn, Hitchin, The Sun, Hitchin, Hitchin Priory & Letchworth Hall Hotel.



E: Redcoats Green, Hitchin SG4 7JR

Getting Ready At Redcoats

I’ve shot lots of weddings at Redcoats and captured brides and grooms in many of their rooms. It goes without saying that every room has the same stylish and unique feel as the rest of the venue, with each having its own charm and quirks. The main room (number 5) has clearly been designed with ‘getting ready’ in mind, featuring three mirrors and a sitting area sectioned off from the bed.

These mirrors are next to a set of doors that lead out onto a rooftop. This is great, as it means you can open those doors and let in some natural light. One of the main features of the Barns is its cozy and rustic vibe, which naturally means less light. When you are getting ready you’ll want the best light; this is normally next to the window, but I have also seen plenty of makeup artists bring their own ring lights to do makeup, and there has always been enough room to work around these.

They do have hooks to hang your dresses up, which is important, as you don’t want them getting crinkled. They are also conveniently placed (along the beamed divider) so they don’t get in the way. The room also has an iron and ironing board tucked nicely away out the way.

There is a small window that looks out onto the main venue, which is a great place to spy on guests arriving and it’s not too big that you need to worry about easily getting spotted. The roof top attached to the room is also a great spot to catch a little fresh air without the need to really leave your room.

Importantly there is plenty of room for bottles of bubbles and glasses.


How many in the room?


I have seen up to 6 people getting ready in this room, and when you add in all the suppliers, it could be around 9 people in a room at one time. Often the last moments before the wedding you are joined by more people, so the room does get full. If you do want to have a first look with someone, then I always advise that this needs to be planned, as the room gets busy and you need a bit of space and time to get a good shot. I’ve also shot these first looks in one of the rooms downstairs at Redcoats, which kept it a much more intimate moment between a dad and his daughter.

Saying ‘I Do’ at Redcoats

Where you can get married –

The Barn – The barn is a fantastic backdrop for your wedding, providing a warm rustic feel to the service. I’ve shot weddings here with just 2 witnesses (thanks, COVID!), 15 guests (thanks again, COVID), or a full 120 (goodbye COVID!). Every wedding, the barn feels perfect, and the staff make the space work regardless of the guest count.

You can also marry outside by the grain store, a great option for summer. But if you dislike English weather’s unpredictability, many couples still choose the barn to eliminate weather stress.

Top Tips for the Service

Who sits where? Consider who sits in the front row and closest to the aisle; these are really visible seats and their reaction will most likely get captured. If you want your parents in these VIP seats, let them know or reserve the spots. They might politely move down or sit a row behind for bridesmaids or ushers (totally okay!). Think about it beforehand.

Music – Picking what song you want to walk down the aisle to is really important, the PA system works really well at redcoats for indoor and outdoor weddings, and Charlie is the best at knowing the perfect time in a song to send you and your squad down the aisle for maximum impact!

Confetti – Usually, confetti happens about 5 minutes after the service, except in bad weather. In such cases, I suggest it when you walk back down the aisle inside the barn. At Redcoats, lawn confetti shots work well as you can use the grain store steps to create layers. I tend to have two approaches to confetti

  1. Line up – Guests gather in two lines, and you walk/dance/strut down the middle, covered in confetti as you go. This is great fun and very authentic but doesn’t always the same impact as my next option
  2. Horseshoe – Guests create a horseshoe shape, and we bring you in the middle for confetti throwing. As everyone is throwing at the same time and the same direction (hopefully!!) it creates an epic shot. The grain store works so well for this shot as the steps mean that a lot of your guests can also be in the shot.

Drinks Reception at Redcoats

What a drinks reception at Redcoats looks like.


This is the best time for those big hugs, drinks, canapés, games and chatting. This is often the time when you might want to grab a few groups shots and couple photos, if you want them that is!!


One of the many things Redcoats do well is their drinks! I’ve seen a variety of different drinks lined up, ready to offer your guests, from mojitos to champagne. These are served outside at the back of the barn, where they have the option of keeping the sides covered in case it’s wet.


There is seating dotted around, with additional seating and tables up the steps by the grain store.

The lawn is a great space for garden games. I’ve seen this space used for space hopper races, bubbles, egg hunts, crazy golf, and giant Jenga. I would highly recommend the following if you are thinking of having any of these! I’ve also seen beer pong set up during the drinks reception as well. Singers are often set up close to the barn during this time.

Where to have group shots and couple shots – So although I’ve seen a variety of different drinks lined up, ready to offer your guests, from mojitos to champagne, I am a documentary photographer for 80% of the day. You may want a few group photos and some couple photos. For me, getting these done as quickly and efficiently as possible is super important. I’m often booked for my relaxed style, so having lots of these shots tends to change the dynamic of a day as it often means you have less time with your guests.


You have a couple of options for your group shots. The grain store is the most convenient if you want to stay close to your guests while you’re having your group photos taken. If you want a prettier backdrop, then I would suggest the gardens at the front of the venue by the restaurant. There is more shade over here (great for group photos), and it’s really beautiful. However, logistically bringing different groups over here can take up extra time, so you may want to consider this. You could just bring your wedding party over here and have a few family photos by the grain store.

This is where I bring couples for a few couple photos as they have a few different spots that make great backgrounds, including the new wildflower garden! There is also the field out the back that is great for golden hour pics, if that’s your vibe!


I think it’s really important that having photos taken during your wedding reception doesn’t monopolise your time. I want them to be fun and enjoyable, but most importantly, I want you to get the time with your guests! Redcoats is a perfect size, so you don’t need to be away from your guests for too long, and we can try to time those couple pictures perfectly so when you come back, your guests will be seated, ready to welcome you to your wedding breakfast.




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