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Wedding Photography Yearly Highlights

Wedding Photography 2019 Highlights

2019 was a good one! I honestly feel so lucky that I get the honour of capturing weddings for such amazing couples. I’ve shot at some awesome venues, second shot for some fellow togs (for the very first time!), made a wedding video and I won 9 wedding photography awards, including two ‘This Is Reportage’ awards, which was a real highlight for me.

I shot at the following venues (some more than once!) – Offley Place, The Farmhouse Redcoats, Priory Barn, Hunters Hall, Ealing Abbey, Houchins, Three Lakes, Milling Barn, De Vere Latimer Estate, Lanswade Hall and Tewinbury Barn. I have worked with some wonderful suppliers, some that deserve an extra special mention would be Videography by – I will Video, Flowers by – Heaven Flowers, Makeup by – Louise Jackson – Music by – The Nameless Three,  Roadrunner, Ceilidh – Licence to Ceilidh, 

I can’t wait for 2020, as my little ones get bigger I’m looking forward to having more time to devote to my business so I’m really excited to see where the year takes me. I’ve also got some amazing weddings lined up with some great couples along with some new projects that I can’t wait to get stuck into.

So, thanks again to all who made 2019 so very special. I wish you all a wonderful new year.


Wedding Photography 2018 Highlights

Oh 2018, you have been so good to me!

Thank you to all my lovely brides and grooms who trusted me to capture their big day. It’s an honour that I will never take for granted, and I genuinely hold a little place in my heart for you all.

Winter Wedding at Lanwades Hall.

Wow! I could not have asked for a better wedding to end my year. Kevin and Farrari booked me way back in 2017, since then they have busy making sure they pull off and wonderful winters wedding day with their friends and family. Theses guys knew exactly what sort of day they were after and they pulled it off with true style. They picked one of my favourite wedding venues, Lanwades Hall, the perfect setting for some festive fun. But what I loved most about the day was the stars of the show, Kevin and Ferrari, they were an absolute joy to photograph and real fun to be around. Congratulations guys!

Houchins Winter Wedding

Houchins Wedding – Katie and Campbell

Holy Shmoly!! I am still recovering from this wedding, almost a week later! I think it is fair to say that I thoroughly enjoyed shooting Katie and Campbells wedding, it literally had all the ingredients for a perfect wedding day.

This was the first time I have shot at Houchins in Essex and it did not disappoint. The venue is this mix of ‘traditional meets contemporary’  or ‘Heritage meets modern’ as their website says. And this is exactly how I would describe Katie and Campbell’s day. There were modern elements to their day, mixed in perfectly with Campbell’s Scottish heritage. We had Kilts, a ceilidh, bubbles, sparklers, pizzas, promises, roof top group shots, some pretty impressive speeches and dinosaurs! I knew the day was going to be fast paced so I made sure I planned the heck out of my schedule.

The venue gave us the perfect balance of having some fab little nooks to go and shoot in, while allowing guests to mooch around just out of ear shot. I like this balance of being able to take a couple away for a little privacy when they are having their couple photos taken, but not too far that they feel removed from all the action. Campbell is an architect and had perfectly drawn the amazing farmhouse for their wedding stationary and welcome board, so it was important to me that the farmhouse featured prominently in their couple photos.

One of my favourite moments of the day was when Katie read her speech. It was beautiful and Katie delivered it with such grace and pure emotion.

I feel very lucky to have captured their day, every second their were special moments happening and oh my goodness, I haven’t even touched on how epic the Ceilidh band were (Licence to Ceilidh). The dance floor was always full and I have never seen so many smiley, sweaty, spinning people in all my life!

For now, here is a not so little first look at their day. Congrats guys!!

Pre Wedding Photos, Hitchin.

Autumnal Pre Wedding Photos, in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

One of the very many things I love about Hitchin, is the abundance of spots that are perfect for a pre wedding shoot. One of my favourites is the beautiful Pegsdon Hills. Alison and Jamie live in London, so when they were given the chance to get some proper fresh air and explore some beautiful countryside, they jumped at it! It’s such a gorgeous place, I am always so grateful when I am given the chance to head to these hills with my couples for their pre wedding photos. I find it’s just the right amount of walking so we can chat and get to know each other, along with a good variety of different spots to take photos. I like to think I have mastered the art of walking up a hill, whilst chatting and carrying some heavy camera gear, but the truth is I definitely haven’t! A few tactical photos stops masks my desperate need to gasp for air!

Alison and Jamie were real fun to shoot. Alison started the shoot how many of my clients do, a little nervous with the usual cries of ‘I’m not good at having my photo taken’. I totally understand this feeling, if I’m honest it’s one I feel myself. Ask my husband and he will tell you how I squirm the minute he tries to take a photo. This worry and anxiety about having your photo taken is the reason I include a pre wedding shoot in my packages. I want you to enjoy every moment of your wedding, and by having a little practice run with me it helps put your mind at ease on the big day. If you’re relaxed and happy in front of me, it will shine through in your wedding photos.

I also love the time it gives us. I am the wedding supplier who is closely with you all day, not only that, I get to share some really special moments with you, from getting ready, to the first dance. I’m there! The pre wedding shoot gives us that opportunity to really break the ice. I have come away from these shoots with so much info about my couples, it really helps me understand them. Not only that, they get to know me too! I’m quite an over sharer.

Here are a few images from the day, Alison rocked the autumnal look with pure style, while Jamie whipped out some impressive ‘pointing’! We even got the cows in on the action. I am a tad excited about their wedding next year, where I get to shoot at the stunning Pynes House in Devon!!

For some other pre wedding photo ideas in and around Hitchin, check out this post

Notley Abbey | Engagement Shoot

Notley Abbey Engagement Shoot photos.

I had SOOOOO much fun with Laura and James at the stunning Notley Abbey. We held their engagement photo shoot there giving us the chance to have a good look around this beautiful venue. Laura and James are getting married here next year and it was so nice getting to know them both. Laura and James set themselves the challenge of ‘kissing in every corner of Notley Abbey’ and I think they just about managed it.

Jade and Cyrus | First look Wedding photos

Here is a little first look at Jade and Cyrus’s big day. It was such a fab day, full of fun, love and the coming together of different cultures. I love being part of peoples wedding days, they are all so unique and special, and this one really lived up to that, bringing elements of both their heritage into their wedding day.

The Priory, Hitchin Wedding Photos

Wedding Photographs from St Marys Church Hitchin and The Priory, Little Wymondley

I’ve been really excited to share these photos for so many different reasons. When I first heard Mark and Rachael’s wedding plans I knew it was going to be a good one! They chose to get married in my lovely home town of Hitchin, at the one and only St Marys Church. If you know Hitchin, then you will know this is basically the heart of the town. I’ve lived in Hitchin for 5 years now and had been waiting for the day I would get to shoot in St Marys, so when their enquiry came in I had all my fingers and toes crossed they would pick me. Luckily for me they did, as their day had so many touching and special moments.

Rachael’s dad not only had the honour of giving her away, but he actually got to marry her as well. Can you imagine how special that would feel!! They held the reception at The Priory Barn, little Wymondley. As we were blessed with beautiful sun for most of the day, the grounds gave us so many little nooks to shoot in.

I have to say when I was editing these photos I found myself smiling so much. I think a smile is a little bit like a yawn, when you see someone with a huge smile across their face, it’s hard not to copy it. And that sums this day up, not only did Mark and Rachael have smiles on their faces the whole day, but their guests did too. It was impossible to miss and I hope these photos capture what a special day it was.

A little shout out to the awesome wedding band ‘The Nameless Three’ they were amazing!

Sarah and Damien, Wedding at Latimer Place.

Here is a little first look, at the wonderful wedding of Sarah and Damien at Latimer Place. These two were SO relaxed and chilled out. Even when their little boy decided to hide in Sarah’s wedding dress during the service, they just cracked up and carried on. Getting married when you have children is not easy, I’ve seen with my own eyes just how hard it can be to juggle everything from getting ready to socialising with guests, eating your wedding breakfast to dancing with your partner. Kids don’t make any of this an easy task! But what was so lovely to see was the love and pride Damien and Sarah have not only for each other, but for their boys. Throughout the day I caught little moments when each of them took time to focus on their kids, involving them through the service and just ensuring that they knew that their wedding day was about not just about Sarah and Damien, it was about the four of them.


Now for something slightly different!

Last month I got the chance to try out a little project that I have been toying with for sometime. I switched from shooting stills to shooting film! Well sort of.
When I first decided to get into wedding photography I kept thinking that maybe I should be doing wedding videography, as that was actually my background. I have always loved making and watching films, I studied film making at Uni, and I have made a few videos for CP Creative over the years, I even filmed on stage at Glastonbury!Last year I heard about a wedding photographer who offered a 3min highlights video along with her photography package, and not only that, she was really good at it! Now, this idea excited and petrified me all in one go. It has been rumbling around my head since then and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that this is something I could be offering.When my good friend and awesome photographer Jo asked me to second shoot for her we started to talk about the possibility of filming some of it too. I knew I wanted to do it but it was a bit of an experiment, I had only ever shot photography at a wedding, I worried I might not get enough and didn’t want too miss certain moments of the day if it all went wrong. We ran the idea passed the wonderful Sophie and Hamish and to my pleasure, they were happy to let me give it a shot! For the service I stuck to shooting photographs just incase it all went tits up, Jo ultimately hired me as a second shooter and I didn’t want to sacrifice any key moments for my little experiment!
So here it is, along with a few stills from the day. I learned a lot doing and I loved making it. It reminded me of what I love about making videos! Thank you so much to Sophie and Hamish for letting me dip my toes into wedding videography. It was such good fun to be part of their day and I hope they enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it.