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Hey There!

Some Interesting Facts About Erica

  • I have filmed on stage at Glastonbury
  • I have had one of my photographs exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery (you can read about it here)
  • My uncle was the original ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin’ Ronseal Man
  • I only produce children with red hair
  • I’m a vegetarian but rarely cook with pulses
  • I have photographed a ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ wedding
  • I only have one kidney

After working in the art publishing world for almost 5 years and 9 years within a photography marketing company, I am lucky enough to have worked with artists and photographers that inspire and motivate my own ambitions.

People intrigue and fascinate me. I am definitely a people watcher, much to the annoyance of my Husband who can’t hold a conversation with me with out my eyes drifting away from time to time. I love to listen and I am quick to empathise with people, which means I get to ride an emotional piggy back at weddings, I still get nervous just before the ceremony! This also means I cry very easily at the telly, most recently a kids show my 4 year old was watching.

Image of life while under lockdown during the covid-19 outbreak

Real Life is everything

I enjoy creating images, through photography, design, film or drawings. My drawing skills are less impressive than my photography ones, but I still enjoy a good doodle! My family and friends are what keep me ticking, photography taking a close second place. I cherish the happy moments in life and get pure joy from my kids when they smile.

I have a degree in media production and feel fortunate I have been able to put my creativity into practice, both professionally and personally. I love photography and cameras, a day spent playing with my camera, or experimenting with a new lens is a great day in my book! I am a geek, camera spec’s interest me.