Pre Wedding Photos, Hitchin.

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Autumnal Pre Wedding Photos – Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

One of the very many things I love about Hitchin, is the abundance of spots that are perfect for a pre wedding shoot. One of my favourites is the beautiful Pegsdon Hills. Alison and Jamie live in London, so when they were given the chance to get some proper fresh air and explore some beautiful countryside, they jumped at it! It’s such a gorgeous place, I am always so grateful when I am given the chance to head to these hills with my couples for their pre wedding photos. I find it’s just the right amount of walking so we can chat and get to know each other, along with a good variety of different spots to take photos. I like to think I have mastered the art of walking up a hill, whilst chatting and carrying some heavy camera gear, but the truth is I definitely haven’t! A few tactical photos stops masks my desperate need to gasp for air!

Alison and Jamie were real fun to shoot. Alison started the shoot how many of my clients do, a little nervous with the usual cries of ‘I’m not good at having my photo taken’. I totally understand this feeling, if I’m honest it’s one I feel myself. Ask my husband and he will tell you how I squirm the minute he tries to take a photo. This worry and anxiety about having your photo taken is the reason I include a pre wedding shoot in my packages. I want you to enjoy every moment of your wedding, and by having a little practice run with me it helps put your mind at ease on the big day. If you’re relaxed and happy in front of me, it will shine through in your wedding photos.

I also love the time it gives us. I am the wedding supplier who is closely with you all day, not only that, I get to share some really special moments with you, from getting ready, to the first dance. I’m there! The pre wedding shoot gives us that opportunity to really break the ice. I have come away from these shoots with so much info about my couples, it really helps me understand them. Not only that, they get to know me too! I’m quite an over sharer.

Here are a few images from the day, Alison rocked the autumnal look with pure style, while Jamie whipped out some impressive ‘pointing’! We even got the cows in on the action. I am a tad excited about their wedding next year, where I get to shoot at the stunning Pynes House in Devon!!

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