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This weekend I got to open up ‘Storehouse Studios’ and shoot my first set of actors Headshots. ‘ohhh tell me more’ I hear you cry, well, seeing as you asked, I will!

Lets’ start with what Storehouse Studios is. This is a little dream of mine, my very own studio space, to edit, shoot and learn from. I would absolutely love to have a studio space in Hitchin, to focus on growing my portrait photography. I love shooting weddings, but I set a limit on how many weddings I shoot in a year, and I always will do, so I would like to start to push some of my other photographic ambitions. I may not have the studio yet, but I do have the lighting, gear, and a great little room to shoot from at home. OK, confession time, this is my kids play room, but I promise, once stripped of all the children ‘stuff’ it makes a great space for some portraits.


Now, moving on to my subject for the day, the lovely Frances Shepard. Mark my word, this is a name to remember!! Frances is a student at Emil Dale Academy. Emil Dale is Hitchin’s’ very own performing arts academy. Before we met we discussed the shoot and what we wanted to try and achieve. Frances came ready with a couple of outfit changes, an awesome attitude, and some impressive ‘hard stares’. For a 19 year old, she was so confident and lovely company. I hope these shots help get her seen and give her the opportunity to show the world what she can do.

I wanted to create a range of different looks for Frances. I have both a dark background and also a white one, so by playing with the lighting we were able to get a real broad range of shots. I also wanted to create some artist headshots that differ from the ‘everyday’ headshots you come to imagine. I really enjoyed having this creative control, it felt so different to my wedding documentary photography, where you find the best angles in what is often a busy room, working with the light that you have on the day, whilst keeping up with the action that is playing out in front of you. Now I’ve had a little taste of this ‘creative control’, I want to do it again! So, while I work on the big dream, I plan on running a few Studio days and open up my current ‘Storehouse Studio’ to people looking to get some professional headshots. If you like the idea of having some creative photos, taken in a relaxed environment, with good coffee and radio 6 playing in the background, then get in touch.

Prices start at £75. To view the full collection click here.