Mark and Sarah wedding at Putteridge Bury

Sarah and Mark26

Here are some shoots from the lovely Mark and Sarah’s wedding and have a read of these very kind words they had to say about me……”On Saturday 6th August Erica Hawkings captured our special day in the most amazing way. From the early morning stress to the perfect first dance Erica was there making sure we have memories from every moment of our day, Erica is so professional and so friendly, we couldnt of asked for a better photographer or friend to spend the day with. We had a blast and Erica’s photos are so breathe taking, she captured moments we missed, we would highly recommend her to anyone. Mark & Sarah”

Thanks guys!

sarah-and-mark sarah-and-mark2 sarah-and-mark3 sarah-and-mark4 sarah-and-mark5 sarah-and-mark6 sarah-and-mark7 sarah-and-mark8 sarah-and-mark9 sarah-and-mark10 sarah-and-mark11 sarah-and-mark12 sarah-and-mark13 sarah-and-mark14 sarah-and-mark15 sarah-and-mark16 sarah-and-mark17 sarah-and-mark18 sarah-and-mark19 sarah-and-mark20 sarah-and-mark21 sarah-and-mark22 sarah-and-mark23 sarah-and-mark24 sarah-and-mark25 sarah-and-mark26 sarah-and-mark27 sarah-and-mark28 sarah-and-mark29 sarah-and-mark30 sarah-and-mark31 sarah-and-mark32 sarah-and-mark33 sarah-and-mark34 sarah-and-mark35 sarah-and-mark36 sarah-and-mark37 sarah-and-mark38 sarah-and-mark39 sarah-and-mark40 sarah-and-mark41 sarah-and-mark42 sarah-and-mark43 sarah-and-mark44 sarah-and-mark45 sarah-and-mark46 sarah-and-mark47 sarah-and-mark48 sarah-and-mark49 sarah-and-mark50 sarah-and-mark51 sarah-and-mark52 sarah-and-mark53 sarah-and-mark54 sarah-and-mark55 sarah-and-mark56 sarah-and-mark57 sarah-and-mark58