Fran and Sarah

fran and sarah28

My cousins rock! I have always been super close to my cousins, so when I found out Fran was having a very intimate ‘part one’ wedding I was so chuffed that I was able to be able to capture it for him and Sarah, and thus becoming the envy of all the other cousins! It really was a pretty special day, Fran and Sarah have so many people who love them so I know they found it hard scaling back the numbers to just the minimum for the service. After the service they were joined by more family and friends some of whom had travel down from Scotland to join them for a scone, sandwich and champagne and a few sneaky shot’s of tequila, it is my family after all! It was one of those special days where you could just burst with love for your family. I do wish I had brought my camera along for the ‘hot tub’ action later on in the evening, but hey, maybe those shots are best left off my blog! Fran and Sarah you really are one of the loveliest couples I know, congratulations xxxxxx

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