The Priory, Hitchin Wedding Photos

337 Rachael and Mark © Erica Hawkins Photography

Wedding Photographs from St Marys Church Hitchin and The Priory, Little Wymondley 

I’m a Hitchin wedding photographer, so it was very important to tick St Mary’s Church of my list. I’ve been really excited to share these photos for so many different reasons. When I first heard Mark and Rachael’s wedding plans I knew it was going to be a good one! They chose to get married in my lovely home town of Hitchin, at the one and only St Marys Church. If you know Hitchin, then you will know this is basically the heart of the town. I’ve lived in Hitchin for 5 years now and had been waiting for the day I would get to shoot in St Marys, so when their enquiry came in I had all my fingers and toes crossed they would pick me. Luckily for me they did, as their day had so many touching and special moments.

Rachael’s dad not only had the honour of giving her away, but he actually got to marry her as well. Can you imagine how special that would feel!! They held the reception at The Priory Barn, little Wymondley. As we were blessed with beautiful sun for most of the day, the grounds gave us so many little nooks to shoot in.

I have to say when I was editing these photos I found myself smiling so much. I think a smile is a little bit like a yawn, when you see someone with a huge smile across their face, it’s hard not to copy it. And that sums this day up, not only did Mark and Rachael have smiles on their faces the whole day, but their guests did too. It was impossible to miss and I hope these photos capture what a special day it was.

A little shout out to the awesome wedding band ‘The Nameless Three’ they were amazing! 

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