Wedding Photography Yearly Highlights

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Documentary Wedding Photographer 2023 highlights

Oh, 2023, you’ve been an absolute blast!

Now, when it comes to my highlights, I like to be a tad indulgent. Sure, I love the ‘I do’s, the kiss, and those gorgeous couples shots’, but what really makes my heart do a happy dance are those in-between moments. You know, the belly laughs, the secret glances, and the spontaneous dance-offs that happen when no one is expecting it.

Why, you ask? Because those candid moments are the real magic of a wedding day. They’re the genuine, unscripted snapshots that tell the story in a way that no posed photo ever could. It’s like capturing the heartbeat of the day—the laughter, the joy, the unexpected twists and turns that make each celebration so darn special.

Thank you to every single one of you who booked me to capture your day.

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