Camera shy couple, wedding at Offley Place

Hitchin Wedding Photographer 050

Here is a little first look at Laura and James’s wedding photography at Offley Place, at one of my all time favourite venues!

Now, James made it very clear to me on his first email that his bride to be was ‘extremely camera shy’. Thats ok I thought, a lot of my clients say the same. When I met them both for the first time I realised, what James actually meant is that Laura HATED (with an impressive passion!) having her photo taken.

So no engagement shoot for this couple, the thought alone made Laura shake with horror. And Laura was adamant that she didn’t want any photos of her getting ready and even though I cried a little inside, (Offley Place’s bridal suite is stunning with the most perfect light!!), I knew it was the right decision for her. So it’s fair to say I was expecting a little challenge on the day. But you know what, Laura was a superstar! I honestly had so much fun with these two. The weather was amazing, there were lawn games, little bat boys, a wonderful mix of family and friends and an awesome band to finish of the night.
I still think Laura will tell you she HATES having her photo taken, but I really enjoyed taking her pic!
Congratulations guys x

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