Wedding at Chippenham Park

This summer I got to capture a the beautiful wedding of Omar and Sophie at the stunning Chippenham Park, Newmarket. This wedding had the perfect ingredients, from the award winning gardens at Chippenham Park, the ever so talented make up artist that was Lauren, a confetti pony (yes you read that right, a confetti pony!), the most amazing Arabic drummers and let’s not forget those luxury FLOWERS, by Ivy Amelia, like we could possibly Forget those flowers!! This eclectic selection of outstanding wedding suppliers were brought together by Omar and Sophie. I just adored getting to know these two and truly felt like a friend on their wedding day.

“We couldn’t be happier to have had you with us on our special day and we feel so fortunate that you were our photographer. Aside from being our photographer, we – and in fact all guests we have spoken to – thought you were an awesome person and we would have been just as happy having you as a guest!
As to the photographs; we obviously fell in love with your style of photography from the moment we saw your pictures and so we were particularly excited to see them.  From just the first look you have sent below, you have exceeded our incredibly high expectations and each one of them is either a favourite to us or one of the guests.
It was really sweet of you to tell us stories/jokes during the day (to calm us down at certain points) and to even help in many aspects just to make sure the day could go as good as it can. We cannot express how grateful we are for that.”

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