Two Weddings and a bump

Bride walking in the Rain

What can I say about Claire and Matt. When I think back to last year and I remember how hard the pandemic effected couples getting married, these two are the first couple I think of. Their first wedding was due to take place in May 2020 which fell in the the first phase of the pandemic, when we were all like ‘is this really happening’, and ‘it’ll blow over soon’ sort of head space. With a heavy heart they managed to reschedule to later in the year. And for a short period of time we all breathed a sigh of relief. Until the pandemic didn’t ‘blow over’ and the reality set in that a wedding in 2020 would not look quite as they had planned. So they wrestled with the tough decision, should they wait another year………Or, get married in secret! A planned was hatched and with only two witnesses and myself present, they got married!!

For a year these guys kept this under wraps telling no one! Until finally last month, they had their big wedding and their secret was revealed.

I felt a little nervous watching Claire and Matt’s mum find out that the service they were actually watching was not officially the marriage, but the celebrant did such a beautiful job and it felt every bit a traditional wedding celebration in fact even more so heart felt and after a few confused looks the penny dropped and huge smiles were on everyones faces.

In true Claire and Matt wedding luck, their wedding plans had to be adapted quickly again, when their wedding band cancelled on the morning of the wedding (damn you covid) and the rain forced their outdoor service inside. But none of these things stopped these guys having the best day, and to top if off there was a surprise flash dance arrange by their friends and family.

Triple congratulations to Claire and Matt, as Claire was beautifully supporting a growing bump under her gorgeous wedding dress! I tried to convince them to book me for a vow rental next year, but I think 2 weddings is enough for now!

Here are a few photos from their most recent big day!