Small but Mighty

Small Intimate weddings, Hertfordshire

Micro Weddings

Don’t judge a wedding by the number of guests!

Lockdown lovers, Pandemic Partners, Covid couples. Your love have survived 2020 and you are ready to get married no matter what! There is no escaping the fact that weddings in the UK look a little different during a pandemic. We are in a strange state of limbo, where there is light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully) but life as we know it has yet to return, and unfortunately big gatherings were one of the first things to go so I’m sure will be one of the last things to return. So where does that leave you if you still want to get married? Maybe you want to do the ‘paperwork’ now and party later. Maybe a small wedding is exactly what you’ve always wanted, whatever your reason I want to reassure you that small Intimate weddings are truly unique and rather quite special.

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Couple walk to their small wedding
Guests wearing a mask during a service


This year I have been able to offer a range of packages to suit these smaller celebrations, starting at just 2 hours of coverages from £500 for local Hertfordshire weddings. I truly believe that every wedding celebration should be captured creatively, the number of guests you have doesn’t dictate the importance of the day. Your emotions will still be huge, the excitement and nerves present in each moment. And it’s these real authentic moments that I love to photograph, big or small, weddings are still beautiful!

Why I love them.

So what does a Micro Wedding photography package look like?

One thing I have learnt is that weddings during a pandemic are unique. I’ve seen backyard celebrations, couples hiring a pub, visits to a beach, or the more traditional wedding venues adapted to perfectly suit a more intimate day. One of the best things about these smaller weddings is that you can really do it your way, the wedding rule book has been totally thrown out the window. Because micro weddings are so individual it’s best we have a chat about your day before I give you a quote, but here are some of the services that I can offer for Small Intimate weddings.

Consultation – I am finding that a lot of the support that is often given to couple when they plan a wedding isn’t really there when they are planning a micro wedding. I want to hear about you day, I’ll help you come up with the best way to use my time and capture a mix of documentary photos as well as great couple portraits.

My Documentary style – My reportage approach to weddings doesn’t change just because a wedding is small. I get booked because I make people feel comfortable in front of the camera which helps me get creative ways to capture real moments. A photographer is much more visible during smaller weddings, so it’s even more important that I make my couples and their guests feel totally at ease with me.

 Online Gallery – Within all my micro packages in a shareable online gallery, your images are available in a mix of colour and B&W. I always try and get a highlights album uploaded within 24-48hrs of your day, so you can share with your family and friends.

 Video Highlights add on – I have found that couples who have reduced their guest list, have been asking about video, with the hope to share more of their day with those absent guests. So for weddings with less than 30 guests I am able to offer a video service along side photography. Intimate weddings are without a doubt a lot less stressful. As a photographer it gives me a bit more breathing space in-between moments, allowing me the opportunity to film clips throughout the day. I have a background in video production and I love that Micro weddings have allowed me to bring this service into my wedding services.

The mini package


Flexible hours

A minimum of 3 hours, with the flexibility to increase it should you need to.


An Online Gallery

Easy to download and share, with the option to upgrade to an album or UBS box.



I shoot Micro weddings in my same documentary style.


At least 2 online consultations to get to know you both and discuss your day so we get the most out of my time.


From £650




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