Now for something slightly different!

Hitchin wedding photographer 17

Last month I got the chance to try out a little project that I have been toying with for sometime. I switched from shooting stills to shooting film! Well sort of.
When I first decided to get into wedding photography I kept thinking that maybe I should be doing wedding videography, as that was actually my background. I have always loved making and watching films, I studied film making at Uni, and I have made a few videos for CP Creative over the years, I even filmed on stage at Glastonbury!Last year I heard about a wedding photographer who offered a 3min highlights video along with her photography package, and not only that, she was really good at it! Now, this idea excited and petrified me all in one go. It has been rumbling around my head since then and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that this is something I could be offering.When my good friend and awesome photographer Jo asked me to second shoot for her we started to talk about the possibility of filming some of it too. I knew I wanted to do it but it was a bit of an experiment, I had only ever shot photography at a wedding, I worried I might not get enough and didn’t want too miss certain moments of the day if it all went wrong. We ran the idea passed the wonderful Sophie and Hamish and to my pleasure, they were happy to let me give it a shot! For the service I stuck to shooting photographs just incase it all went tits up, Jo ultimately hired me as a second shooter and I didn’t want to sacrifice any key moments for my little experiment!
So here it is, along with a few stills from the day. I learned a lot doing and I loved making it. It reminded me of what I love about making videos! Thank you so much to Sophie and Hamish for letting me dip my toes into wedding videography. It was such good fun to be part of their day and I hope they enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it.