Luton Hoo, Afternoon tea with an amazing lady.

Afternoon Tea10

When I get the opportunity to photograph people, I get the chance to capture a moment in time. I’m lucky that for me, those moments are always happy ones. When I was asked to take some photos of Colleen and her daughter, I knew I wanted to create an extra special set of photos, more so than ever. Colleen is an amazing woman who was given the devastating news that she has a terminal illness. Determined to create some beautiful memories for her & her daughter to cherish, we set up a laid-back photo-shoot at Luton Hoo. I was nervous about this shoot, maybe more so than a wedding. When I met Colleen I was blown away. Her strength and beauty shine through that you instantly forget any troubles she has, but above all she was beaming with pride for her beautiful daughter Georgia. I hope these photo capture the amazing bond these two have, and show the world and Georgia what an amazing woman Colleen is.

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