Fanhams Hall Wedding

Groom dancing on the dance floor while bride and guests watch

I am still buzzing from last weeks wedding at Fanhams Hall, it had every possible perfect ingredient to make the most awesome day. Tiffiny and Apostolos are an absolutely gorgeous couple with such captivating energy. They were like superstars on the day and a total joy to capture! They both had us in stitches from the get go and their humour and love for each other make them the perfect pair, which also meant the speeches were some of the best I had heard in my 10 years of being a wedding photographer. The day started with a bang with my second shooter Jo capturing the wonderful greek traditions at Apostolos parents home, looking over the frames from the morning I was struck by the love Apostolos must have felt in that moment, with his parents beaming with pride and love for him. And yes, I would have been super jealous that my second shooter got to witness and capture such moving scenes had it not been for Tiff and her wonderful bridesmaid giving me some beautiful shots and loads of giggles at Fanhams Hall, there was even a game of ping pong!The service was held at the stunning The Twelve Apostles church, this was my first Greek Orthodox wedding and I was so grateful to Father Joseph Paliouras for taking 5 mins to run through the service with us, I always want to be respectful during a service but still capture the important moments. It was beautiful and there was is much symbolism to capture.
I could talk and talk about this wedding, but you’re not here for my words are you, so brace yourself for my largest sneak peak to date and some of my all time favourite dance floor moments. Congratulations Tiffany and Apostolos.

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