Creative branding Photography for small businesses

Branding Photographer Hitchin

I have some rather exciting news. I am expanding my business to include creative branding photography and videography for small businesses!! Over the next three months I hope to launch a new dedicated site ‘Shoot and Tell’.

So what is Shoot and Tell?

Do you remember show and tell at school? For me, it was always something I sort of dreaded but it was also a little exciting. I liked the part about showing my class mates something important from home, something I was super proud of and excited by, but I found the ‘telling’ part petrifying. Us small business owners need to face this challenge constantly, we’ve got something pretty awesome we want to share with everyone, but we may find the ‘telling’ aspect a little hard, and this is where ‘Shoot and Tell’ comes in!
‘Shoot and Tell’ will provide creative photography and videography branding for small businesses, who, like me, may find the prospect of ‘showing up’, a little daunting. Or you may be great at ‘Showing up’ but want some creative professional photography to help stop the scroll.
As a small business owner, YOU are the brand of your business and I believe authentic creative photography is a great way to allow your clients to connect, engage with you and get to know the personality of the business.
Chapter One – Grow with me
Although I have over 9 years experience within photography and videography, branding portraits and videos are a new area to my business. My ambition is to take my authentic style of shooting and adapt it for small local businesses, but in order to do this there are a few things I need to do. So I am going to tackle the big one first. I need to update my portfolio! I have experience shooting corporate videos and headshots but I want to move in a new direction and this is why chapter one of my business is titled ‘Grow with Me’. I am on the look out for some business buddies. A business buddy can be a small independent business within North Hertfordshire who would like the opportunity to get their hands on some branding portraits for free. In return I would like the opportunity to shoot the session in my own authentic style and use the images to build my portfolio. You of course can use the images I provide you, I just ask for a credit when used on social media, & a back link when used on your website.
But I want this collaboration to be more than just an exchange of services, I want to become a champion of your business! So I would especially like to buddy up with creative businesses, or ones hard hit by the pandemic. We’ve taken quite the hit the last year and if we can use this time to build up our brand awareness then I think we stand a great chance of growing together. I would also like to connect with local parents who may manage their own business while juggling families. As a mother to two young children I recognise the challenge of juggling so many balls during a pandemic, if I can help elevate your marketing so you can focus on some of the other balls, then I would love to help you!
What happens next? If you would like to be considered as my business buddy then drop me an email or a DM, please include a short description about your business and what you do. Over the month of February I will select a number of businesses to work along side with the hope to start shooting in March. The shoot will include a consultation on zoom, followed by a shooting plan. The shoot will be a mini session, lasting approximately one -two hours, based in Hertfordshire. You will get a link to a viewing gallery with a minimum of 20 images to download.
I hope to start ‘Showing up’ a little more on Instagram, and I will be using the account @shoot_and_tell to document this business, If you fancy following this journey then please follow this account.