Alex and Angelo, Little Offley Wedding

Prepare your eyes for a burst of COLOUR! The Caribbean meets Little Offley in pure style. Yesterdays wedding was all sorts of wonderful. What’s more it had the personal touch of being set at Alex’s parents home. It was clear how hard they had all worked to make the day so special.
Thank you to Jo my second shooter who was fabulous, as always!

Congratulations Alex and Angelo, you lovely couple!

Daria and Sergey – Offley Place Wedding

What happens when a young beautiful Polish girl marries her handsome Russian mister? I’ll tell you what happens, a whole load of shots and an awesome party. Not every couple have the option to have all their family join them on their big day, and when your roots are international you find your close friends become your family. What was lovely to see at this wedding was how strong the bond was between Daria and Sergey’s friends. They are family and they helped these too celebrate their day in true style. A special shout out to the mums at this wedding, who not only had me smiling most of the day, but the pride and love their children had for them was pretty special!

Joanne and Gavin – De Vere Latimer Estate

I had a blast at Joanne and Gavin’s wedding on Friday. It was so much fun to capture even if it was a tad hot! Take note future couples, if you’re going to take a little trip during your first dance, go big or go home! These two pulled it off like masters from strictly, straight back into their dance, no one really noticed.

The couple in the castle.

I’ll set the scene. I’m on holiday, the first as a family of four. My 4 month old daughter is strapped to the front of me, and I’m walking (ok struggling) up St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. In the corner of my eye I see a couple, set aside from the rest of the crowd in a secluded corner on the outside of the castle, which overlooks the beautiful Cornish coast. They were having a cuddle, and you could tell just from that cuddle that something pretty special had just happened between them. Now I wasn’t certain at this point that my assumptions were right but the thought that I had just strolled (struggled) passed a couple getting engaged in such a beautiful place did two things to me. Firstly, I went all goosepimpley (this seems to be my default reaction to all things truly wonderful, I often get them at weddings) and secondly I instantly felt a bit gutted. Gutted that in a different ‘sliding doors’ kind of world, I would have been walking 2 mins slower and actually seen this couple getting engaged, and had my hands free and my camera ready to capture the moment. Instead my hands and head were busy in mum mode and I was quickly refocused on my son who kept running off and doing impromptu shows….on the edge of rocks!
The moment passed however, as I crouched down to talk to my son about safety, running off and ‘when is a good time for a show’ I heard my husband mutter ‘congratulations’. I spun around as quick as I could to see it was the couple from the corner and they had asked my husband to take a photo of them on their phone as they HAD just got engaged.
I would not let the moment pass again. I quickly stripped myself of all things ‘baby’ grabbed my camera and rushed to the couple. ‘Please let me take your photo’….
And they did.

Lucy and Evan, Wedding photography at Three Lakes, Ware

This summer has been pretty wet, so as soon as Lucy and Evan told me of their plans to get married outside in September, I crossed my fingers and started praying to the weather gods. I think it did some good as the sun shone brightly on this lovely couple and also gave us a beautiful sun set as a little bonus.

Lucy looked stunning, a real life snow white and Evan couldn’t keep the smile of his face.

Congratulations guys, here are a few shots from the day

Location – Three Lakes, Ware

Alice and Rob, Wrest Park Wedding

What can I say, this wedding was one of my all time favourites. Alice and Rob got married at the beautiful Wrest Park, a venue that made my job effortless (well almost) and a couple that beamed with happiness, the perfect mix! A huge congratulations to you both, sorry you have over 700 images coming your way, I just couldn’t edit them down any more than this!!

Karen And John, The Wedding at Hitchin Priory

I really enjoyed myself at Karen and John’s wedding, not just because it was my first full day away from the newbie doing a job I love, but because the wedding was lovely. Karen and John make a fab couple and it was nice to shoot at Hitchin Priory such a great venue super close to home.

Here are a few shots from the day.


Mark and Sarah wedding at Putteridge Bury

Here are some shoots from the lovely Mark and Sarah’s wedding and have a read of these very kind words they had to say about me……”On Saturday 6th August Erica Hawkings captured our special day in the most amazing way. From the early morning stress to the perfect first dance Erica was there making sure we have memories from every moment of our day, Erica is so professional and so friendly, we couldnt of asked for a better photographer or friend to spend the day with. We had a blast and Erica’s photos are so breathe taking, she captured moments we missed, we would highly recommend her to anyone. Mark & Sarah”

Thanks guys!

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