As a 13 year old girl I was made to play the trumpet, as my school had run out of flutes. The flute being the beautiful, angelic, soft instrument, I dreamed would shape me as a person. But I got the trumpet, the smelly, brassy, solid, farty, weighty instrument. I hated it and even worse, a slightly awkward frumpy character from Eastenders started playing it at the same time as me. In the eyes of my peers, I was basically Sonia Jackson. So blowing my own trumpet back in the 90s wasn’t fun, or cool.

However, blowing my own metaphorical one is loads more fun! And this little corner of my site is my safe space to do so.  As someone who suffers from imposter syndrome these awards have helped me to over come that (almost). Having confidence as a photographer has really helped me evolve my photography style, I love where it is taking me and it excites me to see the images I am getting. I believe seeing the amazing work put out by others within the reportage/documentary wedding industry has helped me focus on my style, especially focusing on the story telling element of a wedding. This is why I am part of ‘This is Reportage‘ and ‘The Wedding Photojournalist Association‘, to win awards from these organisations is a real honour to me. Below are a selection of images that I have won awards for, nestled in my wedding work is my sons spotty face, this image hung in the national portrait gallery for 3 months. This is without a doubt my greatest photographic achievement to date and one that I still pinch myself about. If you would like to read more about the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, you can do so here.