I’m sorry I’ve been quiet. I’ve lost my wedding voice. In truth, I lost this voice at the start of January when some other scary news hit my family (I’ll save that story for another time!). This whole year my social media has been dominated with photos of my family life and very little wedding talk. I worry it may look like I’ve lost my passion for my craft. But I promise you I haven’t. Life under lockdown leaves very little time for me to wear my business hat, so this blog is to remind everyone that I still love wedding photography. Actually I’m not just writing it down I’m shouting it loudly and proudly (which in blog form is writing in capital letters with lots of punctuation marks) “I STILL LOVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!”
Human connections are at the heart of my business. Connections between the couple but also between their friends and family. We have been asked to physically disconnect from each other and it goes against everything that feels right and good about life.
My heart goes out to my poor couples who’s weddings have been postponed and those who are living with the uncertainty of how their special day could be effected. The only words of wisdom I can offer in this scary situation is this, hold tight. Your day will come and when it comes it will be AWESOME!!!!. Know in your heart that this situation will pass and just think of the celebration when life is finally unpaused! What better way to put this behind us than with a wedding, re-connecting with your family and friends who you will so desperately have missed, the forced time apart only reenforcing that strong connection to those you love.
I like to imagine a wedding day after COVID 19, every part of that day will feel like a blessing. Getting ready surrounded by your squad, the thought of 8 people being squeezed into one room seems almost criminal now. But this will be a thing of the passed, you won’t fear this moment, you can relish in the proximity of each person in that room. Make up artists can lean in nice and close, I’ll be crouching in some unthinkable space between you and them, while a bridesmaid swiggs from a champagne bottle (OK, you might worry about the champagne you drink after the bridesmaid has had her gulp, but you’re the bride, you get the first glug!!)
Then I imagine your guests arriving, embracing each other maybe for the first in a long time! I will indulge in these hugs shots just as I do now, but I won’t need to be as fast on my feet, as these hugs will be lengthy, wrapped in relief and joy. Re-connecting, with each guest feeling the magnitude of that moment.
Then you will finally get to marry that person by your side, your isolation infatuation, COVID companion, lockdown lover, pandemic partner in crime! You guys made it through the toughest of times and it will make this moment all the more sweeter. You will then get to party like it’s 1999, no even bigger than then, this is a ‘post pandemic’ wedding and you will hit that dance floor with gusto and gratitude. You may even get to show of your TikTok family dance routine that you have been perfecting during this time.
And I will be there, gleefully capturing every moment, my creative soul once again fulfilled doing a job I so proudly cherish.
So, until the world hits play on life, my wedding voice will probably stay quiet, but not lost! I will keep unashamedly documenting my children so they remember what life on lockdown was like, and I hope my passion for creatively documenting real moments is evident in these pictures.
Stay Safe