Documenting Family Life

A service for those brave souls who are looking for a creative way to document their family life, as it really is.

Family photography isn’t just about capturing one stand out image of everyone smiling at the camera. If you let it, It can be so much more than that. Documentary photography can evoke emotions and preserve memories of more than just how you looked, but also how you felt in that moment.

Shooting families in this style allows me to capture the dynamics of your family, the connections and the characters. To me there is nothing more precious than my family, and I want my children to remember all the elements that made us us.

There is beauty within everyday life and I don’t think good photography should be reserved for those rare special occasions. Documentary photography is an investment, and every year that those photos age, they will grow in value, and one day our kids, who will be grown up, will be able to look upon these photos and feel the love, chaos and life they once lived.

I have built three different packages based on this service.

A day in the life, is the perfect package for not only capturing your story, it also focuses on the storytelling. This package comes with a beautiful hand designed album and short family video. I also take the time to film and edit a short video while I am with you! Video gives another layer to your families story telling and captures elements that photography just can’t. I don’t think video and photography should compete, they are both amazing formats and I am lucky enough to have professional experience in both fields, This gives me the unique advantage of being able to offer both.

A ‘Slice of life’ is a smaller shoot only package. This is a great option as a gift for a family or for those with less time available. Both video and photography will be captured during the shoot with products being available to purchase at an additional cost.

And then we have the beast of a package ‘A year in the life’. This is a great package to capture those new family members, who change so fast it’s hard to keep up with them. Over a year I’ll come and shoot your family on three different occasions, capturing those changes to you family. At the end of the year you are then presented with a 40 page album and a 4 minute video.

Making you and your family feel comfortable in my company is a huge part of the process, I include a zoom chat before to talk you through the shoot and what to except.

I am a parent myself so I know that it can often feel like the wrong time to allow someone in your home for a shoot, but I hope I convince you that every day is the perfect day to capture REAL family life.

Through the mess and the madness, your family has it’s own story and thats the one I want to tell.

Here is an example of a Video and Photos taken during a ‘Slice of life’ shoot.