Sarah and Damien, Wedding at Latimer Place.

Here is a little first look, at the wonderful wedding of Sarah and Damien at Latimer Place. These two were SO relaxed and chilled out. Even when their little boy decided to hide in Sarah’s wedding dress during the service, they just cracked up and carried on. Getting married when you have children is not easy, I’ve seen with my own eyes just how hard it can be to juggle everything from getting ready to socialising with guests, eating your wedding breakfast to dancing with your partner. Kids don’t make any of this an easy task! But what was so lovely to see was the love and pride Damien and Sarah have not only for each other, but for their boys. Throughout the day I caught little moments when each of them took time to focus on their kids, involving them through the service and just ensuring that they knew that their wedding day was about not just about Sarah and Damien, it was about the four of them.


Now for something slightly different!

Last month I got the chance to try out a little project that I have been toying with for sometime. I switched from shooting stills to shooting film! Well sort of.
When I first decided to get into wedding photography I kept thinking that maybe I should be doing wedding videography, as that was actually my background. I have always loved making and watching films, I studied film making at Uni, and I have made a few videos for CP Creative over the years, I even filmed on stage at Glastonbury!Last year I heard about a wedding photographer who offered a 3min highlights video along with her photography package, and not only that, she was really good at it! Now, this idea excited and petrified me all in one go. It has been rumbling around my head since then and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that this is something I could be offering.When my good friend and awesome photographer Jo asked me to second shoot for her we started to talk about the possibility of filming some of it too. I knew I wanted to do it but it was a bit of an experiment, I had only ever shot photography at a wedding, I worried I might not get enough and didn’t want too miss certain moments of the day if it all went wrong. We ran the idea passed the wonderful Sophie and Hamish and to my pleasure, they were happy to let me give it a shot! For the service I stuck to shooting photographs just incase it all went tits up, Jo ultimately hired me as a second shooter and I didn’t want to sacrifice any key moments for my little experiment!
So here it is, along with a few stills from the day. I learned a lot doing and I loved making it. It reminded me of what I love about making videos! Thank you so much to Sophie and Hamish for letting me dip my toes into wedding videography. It was such good fun to be part of their day and I hope they enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it.

2018 Wedding Photography, best bits!

Oh 2018, you have been so good to me!

Here is a little video that nicely sums up my wedding photography work for 2018.

Thank you to all my lovely brides and grooms who trusted me to capture their big day. It’s an honour that I will never take for granted, and I genuinely hold a little place in my heart for you all.


Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2018


The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize is the leading international photographic portrait competition, celebrating and promoting the very best in contemporary portrait photography (their words, not mine!) This year I decided to enter. I had taken photos of my son when he had chickenpox, when I started to edit them I knew they had something special about them. He was itching and really uncomfortable and I think this was possibly his second or third bath of the day. Jacob is really use to me taking photos of him, he is also very natural in front of the camera, and this photo reflects that. It’s a very honest portrait of Jacob and how he was feeling in that moment.

Initially I assumed I hadn’t been successful with my entry, then I checked my spam and found a week old email informing me my image had got through the digital round and I was asked to get a print down to London for the judges to review. This news had me jumping around my garden, 4,462 images were entered into the competition and only 341 images made it to the print judging, mine was one of them.

Then self-doubt and panic snuck in, I needed to get my images printed and taken to London within four days. Luckily I used to work for an Art Publishing company, and one of my colleagues, Dave, set up a print company called Dot to Dot printing. I wanted to give the image the best chance to stand out and I trusted Dave and his team to do the best job. Which they did! Once I saw my image printedbig, I have to confess a little bit of confidence came back in. The print quality of the image was amazing.

It was a couple of weeks later while on holiday with my family, in a wet carpark at the base of Ullswater that I got the news that I had made it into the exhibition. Dancing around the Lake District with my family is one of those moments I will never forget. I am so proud to have my work exhibited in such a prestigious competition, not only that but it was a portrait of my little boy.  My son’s face will be hanging in the National portrait gallery!

The Taylor Wessing Photographic portrait prize will be at the National  Portrait Gallery from  the 18thof October – 29thof Jan 2019.

Joanne and Gavin – De Vere Latimer Estate

I had a blast at Joanne and Gavin’s wedding on Friday. It was so much fun to capture even if it was a tad hot! Take note future couples, if you’re going to take a little trip during your first dance, go big or go home! These two pulled it off like masters from strictly, straight back into their dance, no one really noticed.

Lucy and Evan, Wedding photography at Three Lakes, Ware

This summer has been pretty wet, so as soon as Lucy and Evan told me of their plans to get married outside in September, I crossed my fingers and started praying to the weather gods. I think it did some good as the sun shone brightly on this lovely couple and also gave us a beautiful sun set as a little bonus.

Lucy looked stunning, a real life snow white and Evan couldn’t keep the smile of his face.

Congratulations guys, here are a few shots from the day

Location – Three Lakes, Ware

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Fran and Sarah

My cousins rock! I have always been super close to my cousins, so when I found out Fran was having a very intimate ‘part one’ wedding I was so chuffed that I was able to be able to capture it for him and Sarah, and thus becoming the envy of all the other cousins! It really was a pretty special day, Fran and Sarah have so many people who love them so I know they found it hard scaling back the numbers to just the minimum for the service. After the service they were joined by more family and friends some of whom had travel down from Scotland to join them for a scone, sandwich and champagne and a few sneaky shot’s of tequila, it is my family after all! It was one of those special days where you could just burst with love for your family. I do wish I had brought my camera along for the ‘hot tub’ action later on in the evening, but hey, maybe those shots are best left off my blog! Fran and Sarah you really are one of the loveliest couples I know, congratulations xxxxxx

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