Branding Photography Hitchin.

Big Pictures for small businesses, branding photography should be as unique as a business you run.

I am excited to bring my authentic style of photography to my new service, branding photography for small businesses. Shoot and Tell.

So what is Shoot and Tell?

Do you remember show and tell at school? For me, it was always something I sort of dreaded but it was also a little exciting. I liked the part about showing my class mates something important from home, something I was super proud of and excited by, but I found the ‘telling’ part petrifying. Us small business owners need to face this challenge constantly, we’ve got something pretty awesome we want to share with everyone, but we may find the ‘telling’ aspect a little hard, and this is where ‘Shoot and Tell’ comes in!
‘Shoot and Tell’ will provide creative photography and videography branding for small businesses, who, like me, may find the prospect of ‘showing up’, a little daunting. Or you may be great at ‘Showing up’ but want some creative professional photography to help stop the scroll.
As a small business owner, YOU are the brand of your business and I believe authentic creative photography is a great way to allow your clients to connect, engage with you and get to know the personality of the business.

Often when we think of photography for businesses we think about corporate headshots, all suited and booted against a clean backdrop. If this is what you are looking for then I’m not that photographer. I want to work with small business who want photography that speaks to their clients, photography that is engaging, creative and interesting and one that will make you and your brand stand out!

As with all my photography, my goal is to represent ‘real’ businesses and the people that run them. I’m not heavily focused on poses and the way you ‘look’, I’m more interested in projecting how you feel and who you are in the very best light. I encouraging the best from our sessions by working hard on building a strong connection with my clients before I have even clicked the shutter. Most of us hate having our photo taken, so we talk about your worries and any anxiety you may have about the shoot before hand.

“Erica was an absolute joy to shoot with. She has an incredibly approachable, friendly vibe that put me at ease straight away. She chatted with me and really got to know me ahead of the shoot and before we started on the day, which was helpful to calm my nerves! Erika is incredibly thorough with understanding what it is i was looking for from the shoot and what the message was i wanted to put out – better than i knew myself!

We had a lot of fun and laughs and that really comes across in the images.
I couldn’t be happier with the results, the photo’s made me look exactly how I want to come across and better! No filters, no fake.
I believe I have found my photographer soul-mate!” The Colour Rooms Herts – Letchworth business owner.
I will be getting my own dedicated website for Shoot and Tell, but if you would like to see more of my work you can view a recent branding shoot here.